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The age-old look forward

Of course at this time of year everybody speculates about what the year ahead holds. What will be happening in 2013 and indeed what will be different by the end of it?

But in fact, just like New Year’s resolutions, it is simply a psychological stop-off, a Gregorian calendar by-product. We could look forward 6 months, or 18. And we could ‘look forward’ at any time we want to. As much as we hate to admit it, we could join the gym or being a new diet at any time we wanted. The following graphic from Occupancy Marketing illustrates my point:

gym membership holiday


So instead of look to what we want to have done during this year, at Oolone we want to focus minds on what our users would like as soon as possible. We are now the top result for ‘visual search engine’, but our ongoing software development plan requires your help. We are looking for a software engineer with experience in eye-movement tracking, who may be interested in joining us in a new venture at Oolone.






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