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Web Curation – ‘More than just a market’

I recently read an insightful article by Oliver Starr, who is an employee of Pearltrees, a web based and self-declared ‘social library’. The linked article places Pearltrees amongst a new spread of web services whose self-descriptions use the term web curation. As Starr rightly points out, this ‘curation’ is what humans have always done. We have


Axis of Awesome – Yahoo Axis

Proprietors of search, Yahoo, have produced a visual web search browser plug-in. ‘Axis’ is a product whose installation allows visual previews of websites upon searching the web, rather like Oolone. A small search bar at the bottom of your browser allows entry of your search term, which is followed by a series of screenshots appearing


New mobile site (beta) – m.oolone.com

Published on April 16th, 2012 in News

Hi, We’ve now got a mobile version of our visual search engine at m.oolone.com We’d love to hear what you think on feedback@oolone.com, especially how it looks on different devices.. Thanks Oolone.com

All the small things – what do we pick up when browsing?

Occasionally you’ll come across a person who has an ability to build a rapport with, and be liked by, almost everyone. What makes these people likable? What makes peoples’ personalities infectious? The easy answer is charisma and charm. But there is also a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about some people. According to William Condon,


Misguided reward in search

As the tennis ball flies over the net, Federer draws back his racquet. In a split second he has pre-calculated where the ball is going to fall, where it will bounce, and the angle at which he will hit it. And as soon as he has hit it, he knows from experience whether or not


New interface – 6 results per page, not 4

Published on March 20th, 2012 in News

Hi, We just changed the results page on our visual search engine to use 6 previews per page rather than 4. Hopefully this will make it easier to find what you’re looking for. As normal, each preview can be enlarged for a better view. Love to hear what you think – feedback@oolone.com Thanks!

We use the Internet so much that we can second guess it

Imagine you’re sitting down, on the internet, and you search to find out which year a famous actor was born. What does the resulting website look like? It probably looks something like wikipedia or imdb. How about if you’re looking to solve a small, idiosyncratic problem with your car? I am visualizing some sort of


Google take first step to plug into your brain

Google are set to release head up display ‘augmented reality’ sunglasses. Some are calling them Google goggles. They will cost the same as current smart phones (around $300), and look similar to Oakley thumps. Rather than a conventional browser, they will use a heads up display overlay. Interaction with the glasses will be made with


Why did Search Me fail? They had too much money.

Search me inc. was a visual search engine, similar to ours (Oolone.com) that launched in 2008. After spending millions of dollars (it launched with $25m backing from Sequoia Capital), the engine went offline in 2009. In fact, over 3 months in 2009 the engine lost 1.2 million visitors. As far as I can see, there


How did Pinterest grow by 4000% in a year?

Pinterest recently, in a single week, received more visits than the population of Portugal. This is a 40x increase on the same period the year before. Pinterest is a social network that allows users to share things of interest on their virtual ‘pinboards’. By all accounts, Pinterest’s growth hasn’t always been as explosive, with relatively


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