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Misguided reward in search

As the tennis ball flies over the net, Federer draws back his racquet. In a split second he has pre-calculated where the ball is going to fall, where it will bounce, and the angle at which he will hit it. And as soon as he has hit it, he knows from experience whether or not


Ideas are worthless (dispelling the myth of the big idea)

Published on March 14th, 2012 in Ideas

This isn’t a title that has been exaggerated to get your attention – you wont get anywhere by having a good idea, because ideas, in and of themselves, are worth nothing. Zero. They are intangible, and un-protectable. You cannot patent an idea. The value in an idea is in its execution. No execution = no


Internet killed TV

Death of the television There are multiple cool technologies on the horizon, multiple ways that visual technology could go. But whether devices are on our laps, hands, or windows, the interaction has already changed from that of sitting round the family TV set. To paraphrase Joey from Friends, if we don’t have a TV, what


Do You Trust Your Own Judgment

As we strive to make the world fairer and safer, we introduce more and more automation. More protocol, more flow diagrams, more regulation.  In medicine, new doctors are increasingly relying on the use of machines and complex blood tests, when in fact the answer or key decision-making factor lies with appropriate evaluation of the


Save your brain from the internet?

  Navneet Alang’s recent article in the Toronto Standard (link) advises us to treat the web seriously. And he is most certainly right. But ‘saving your brain from the internet’ implies some kind of distasteful intent within technology, some inevitable characteristic that drains our grey matter by default. I would argue exactly the opposite; the rapidity


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