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Oolone.com for use as a teaching resource for teachers and students, especially EFL

Published on January 30th, 2012 in Teaching

Quite a few people have recently picked up on Oolone being good as a teaching aid/resource or for use with students, especially younger students or EFL/ESL students. It seems that searching the web using images or pictures of websites is very useful to this community.

We’re also glad that the site is being used as a teaching resource, again for younger children and EFL/ESL students, and following the interest and the various feedback received, we have made a few changes to our ‘filter’ (formerly known as ‘adult filter’). The same changes were made on the ‘image search’ page.

It was felt that the wording was too obvious, and that it was too easy to switch it to ‘off’. It left some teachers worried about leaving students with the site.

We’ve now:

- Changed the working from ‘adult filter’ to ‘filter’.
- Changed the tick box to a small question mark. (the tick box formerly turned the filter off).
- The question mark directs to a ‘filter settings’ page, rather than turning the filter off.
- We hope that these new measures help to put teachers minds at ease when using the sites with students.

Oolone is especially good for learners in a few ways:

- Better engagement of pupils with a fun and novel way to keep them interested and interacting.
- It provides a means of evaluating sites without language barrier – for example working out which are official sites/authoritative sources.
- Get to sites with high quality info/language quicker.
- Better returns to good info (learning is by repetition) by visual memory.





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